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Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap Reviews

MendMeShop customers simply love the Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™! You can share their experiences too by viewing the review below, or visiting MendMeShop's website to view some testimonials.

Noticeable Decrease in Plantar Fasciitis Pain After 2 Weeks

I have plantar fasciitis, which began over 20 years ago and has gotten progressively worse. I stand for prolonged periods of time, often 5-8 hrs a day as a fine arts painter.

Spent approximately $1000 for various custom made inserts, tried several types of expensive shoes supposedly designed for plantar fasciitis, had two sessions of physical therapy at different clinics, sought treatment with a podiatrist who mainly wanted to do an expensive surgical procedure and offered no other treatment than more inserts. None really successful.

After about 2hrs researching plantar fasciitis on Google, I decided to try MendMeShop.

After about two weeks of scrupulous adherence the treatment plan outlined by MendMeShop there was a noticable decrease in pain and I am well pleased with the results so far. If improvement continues at the present rate I should be pain free before years end.

David Farmer Fine Arts Painter, Kentucky

My Plantar Fasciitis Is Better Only After One Week

I have been using the Platinum Plantar/Spur Therapy Combo which includes the Ultrasound device, Inferno Plantar Wrap, and Freezie Plantar Wrap for about 10 days now to treat my plantar fasciitis. PF is a very painful condition that made it impossible for me to run, jump, walk my dogs, or keep up with my family on outings of any length.

Mornings were especially tough-going, as I would sit and do stretching excercises that would provide me little relief, just so I could get from the bed to the coffee.

I have experience with treating PF in my left foot about 5 years ago. There had been no recurrence, and since I have had no problem with any activity or with wearing any style of shoes on that foot, I thought I had conquered PF long, long ago. Who knows what brought it on this time? I felt quite responsible that I had done something wrong and really bore the guilty feelings that I had messed up my foot doing something stupid. My nurse practitioner said that while there are bad habits that can cause PF, he truly thinks from his experience that I probably didn't do anything in particular to bring it on. I was, honestly, just living my active life when suddenly, I couldn't walk from the bed to the bathroom.

This time, when I had the first signs of PF in my right foot in late April, I tried the things my doctor had prescribed in the past on my own. Stretching, night splint, and non-steroid anti-inflammatory. After a couple of weeks, I realized I needed something more. I have a big trip planned with my family at the end of August, and I really don't want to have too much trouble keeping up with everyone.

I went to the nurse practitioner, and he recommended physical therapy but cautioned that since I would probably go only a couple of times a week, the results would take awhile. He suggested that I look into home ultrasound. Then I could do the treatment myself, and therefore, administer as many treatments as I could a day. He suggested three times a day.

I looked on the internet for a reputable company with a good return policy and a wide selection of products. I found and ordered the Platinum Package to take advantage of heat, cold, and ultrasound therapy.

I have only been using the products for a short time, but I have had a noticeable decrease in my pain and an increase in my range of function. The ultrasound is my magic wand to me. I know it is this product that has made the most change, since I had already been using heat and ice on my own. It is an easy to use device, even accounting for the awkward position one must get into in order to apply it to the bottom of one's foot.

Although I had been applying heat and ice before, the Inferno Plantar Wrap and Freezie Plantar Wrap are much more efficient ways to do it. The wraps fit comfortably on my small foot and apply the correct or even adjustable levels of temperature. The compression does its job physiologically, but it just plain feels good! And when you have PF, that alone is a joy!

My therapy of a NSAID along with a night splint now includes the ultrasound two or three times a day for fifteen minutes, heat wrap on wakening and after ultrasound, and the Freezie Wrap only after much activity. To turn around PF, one must take therapy seriously and not go at it in a hit or miss manner. Keeping to this treatment plan, I am able at day ten to wake without pain, walk at a moderate pace, and participate in my desired activities at a much more active level. Although it seems time-consuming, I only have to think of all the wasted time and missed fun of spending time in a chair while friends and family are up enjoying activities I could not possibly participate in.

I am quite optimistic that continuing this therapy plan on my own will lead to a painless, comfortable foot. I look forward to my vacation feeling quite certain that I will be in good enough shape to enjoy it. I can bring the US therapy, and heat and cold wraps along; they are so easily portable. I know that this condition may take about a year to fully resolve in my left foot, so having products that are easy to transport are a must for me. I travel often, and I don't want to be without the benefit of continued therapy for anytime at all.

Thank you very sincerely for your high-quality product and kind personal attention. I also want to add that it is quite easy to waste a lot of money when you have this condition. I have enough worthless shoes, insoles, arch supports, splints, heat wraps, and ice bags to fill a foot hospital! To purchase a product with a 60 day money back guarantee is a relief. That amount of time is truly necessary to see if it provides long-term relief.

I know this is a long testimony, but I hope I have adequately expressed to you my satisfaction. I can honestly say that I couldn't do without these products, and I highly recommend your website to friends and family. I believe in you so much that I might honestly approach a limping stranger on the street and tell him about the Inferno Wrap and my 'magic wand ultrasound therapy'!

Thank you Paul for you kind phone call yesterday, your suggestions, and encouragement. It is slow-going to see improvement in this condition, it is sometimes hard to stay optimistic, it is easy to have set-backs, and often it is quite misunderstood by other people. Your product truly supplies hope for PF sufferers like me.

S Reedy, Oregon USA

MendMeShop's Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap



The Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ is a product that aids in safe and reliable pain relief of deep, soft tissue injuries by providing inflammation reducing therapy. The Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ is currently the only Blood Flow Stimulator available that has a flexible “Energy Web™” that contours to the foot for a more comfortable fit.

What is a Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™?
The Neoprene Wrap & Energy Web™

The Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ promotes healing and provides pain relief for soft tissue injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendonitis and other foot injuries. The device emits enevery waves which penetrate deep beneath the skin to provide Blood Flow Stimulation Threapy™ to the injured foot. Plantar/Spur Inferno Wraps™ are cut and sewn specifically to fit around the foot. The casing is made of soft, flexible, textured neoprene that easily conforms around the foot. The inside of the wrap has a breathable nylon lining and the edges are sewn flush in order to prevent skin irritation. The elastic nature of the neoprene wrap gently compresses any plantar/spur injury which also prevents inflammation from returning. With the addition of a broad adjustable neoprene band and Velcro closures, the Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ provides an adjustable fit. The adaptor and cord disconnect allowing the neoprene wrap to be used as a compression wrap that gives gentle pressure and light support to any plantar/spur injury.

Each Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ also has an Energy Web™ inside that is flexible and forms around the foot very comfortably. This Energy Web™ emits a uniform wave of energy that penetrates evenly into the entire injured area. This energy is the key to the stimulation of blood flow. Through the use of the Energy Web™, the Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ provides a soothing warm sensation.

What is Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™?

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ decreases inflammation and increases blood circulation in order to help the body to respond to a strain or injury. Through the absorption of high energy waves, tissues are safely and gently stimulated, increasing blood flow within the treated area. The body’s natural response to this increased stimulation is to maintain a condition of homeostasis – a balanced environment, or state of equilibrium through the body. Use of the Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ will send oxygen, nutrient and antibody rich blood to the injured foot; which will speed healing and remove waste matter from the injury. Even after a treatment is complete the plantar/spur area will continue to experience increased blood flow.

How the Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ Works

The Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ plugs into a wall outlet with an adapter to get its power and has an extra long cord for ease of use and convenience. There is a special signal controller on the Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ that provides a power button, 3 intensity levels and an automatic shut off feature. On any intensity level the device will power up to 100% for the first 5 minutes then adjust to the power setting selected.

What Can a Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ Treat?

Through the promotion of Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ the Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ provides safe and effective treatment of:

• Plantar fasciitis
• Heel spurs
• Tendonitis/Tendinopathy
• Arch pain
• Turf toe
• Bruised heel
• Claw toe
• Hammer toe
• Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome/Medial Calcaneal Nerve Entrapment
• Calcaneus Bursitis
• Other foot injuries

The Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ vs. Conventional Heating Wraps

Conventional heating wraps only heat the surface of the skin and do not reach deep into the injured tissue. The Plantar/Spur Inferno Wrap™ is proprietary technology that operates with a different kind of energy wave that penetrates deep into the tissue making the treatment much more therapeutic. It is the only product that has been developed specifically to heal soft tissue injuries with Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™.